Harbor Joggers... Hacks for days

Do you know just how versatile this pattern is? Dress them up, laze around in them, beach trips in the shorts version... sassy for the office, perfect for picnics. I could go on. But you get it! I have made over ten pairs and have been wearing them every day. Our summer hasn't been as hot as normal, so these have been the perfect go to.


I know, I promised some. There are just so many possibilities, but here are a few I have done so far.

Faux button

These are possible on both the shorts and full length, using the rolled hem option.

Cut a length of fabric 12cm long by 6cm wide. Fold in half lengthways. Press. Open.

Turn each side .5cm inwards. Press. Fold again at foldline. Edgestitch to close fold.

Pin to wrong side of shorts, centred between the side seam.

Topstitch with a bar tack to secure.

Turn flap upwards to right side. Centre between side seam. Attach a button close to top of flap. Tada!

Faux drawstring

This is my favourite hack, because it doesn't require sewing buttonholes like a functional drawstring. You can view the blog post for making a drawstring without a bias binder maker here.

Find the centre of the drawstring by folding in half lengthways and placing a pin to mark.

Align this pin to the centre front seam. Pin the drawstring here, and also centre between the top and bottom of the waistband. Topstitch to secure. Easy!

Faux pocket

Why would you ever want a faux pocket I hear you ask?? Well, sometimes you want the dressier look of a pocket, without the bulk. This hack is perfect for using a different fabric, and is great for both light and heavy weight fabrics.

Use the slant/ curved pocket pattern piece. Cut the shape that is normally cut away, adding a 1.5cm seam allowance all around. Cut the pant piece along the pocket line.

Cut evenly spaced snips at the pant pocket line, stopping just before the seam allowance.

Turn snipped pieces to the wrong side and press.

Overlock or zigzag stitch the pocket edge that is going to be attached to the pant. Pin pocket piece to pant piece.

Edgestitch to secure. All done!

There are many more ideas I have, and will update this post as I get around to them. Cargo pockets, back pockets, 3/4 pants, moto knees, knit version, skinny jeans version... Yep there's plenty!

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